About me



I currently support teachers, Head teachers, QIOs and other staff in Edinburgh Council as a Glow Development Officer
I have been seconded from teaching Computing at Castlebrae Community High School.
I support Computing teachers in Edinburgh as the Lead Teacher for Computing
I am also the Chair of the Scottish Institute for Computing Educationalists


My CV is available on LinkedIn
For more details such as referees, please contact me directly.


I have a P.G.C.E. in Secondary Computing Teaching from the University of Edinburgh
... and a B.A. (Honours) from the Open University
... as well as a B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Psychology from the University of Edinburgh (before the department burned down - it wasnae me!)


I am a volunteer with the British Red Cross.
Go to the Red Cross page for more information


I have CACDP Stage Two British Sign Language.
Go to the British Sign Language page for more information.

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