101 Uses for a Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones


101 Uses for a Camera Phone

Please don't write off mobile phones as an educational tool just because the school rules say they're banned. They can be incredibly powerful devices, especially when most pupils have them and most schools don't have much audio-visual equipment.

Here are just a few useful things you can do with your mobile in class:



New York Times: Lesson plan on "Pens, Paper and ... Cellphones? Examining How Modern Technology Can Enhance Learning in the Classroom". Aimed at 9-12 years but might be more suitable at older age group or as a CPD activity

Martin Owen, the Director of Learning at NESTA Futurelab has written an article on 'Killer apps' for mobile phones - an educational view

An interview with Josh Dhaliwal, Director, mobileYouth on The rise and rise of the mobile phone

Dan Sutch, Learning Reseacher, NESTA Futurelab, Mobile presence: Enhancing communication within learning environments


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