Media Studies Resources

Media and Moving Image


Internet Resources

Downloadable free teaching resources, including “Moving Images In The Classroom” and teaching packs exploring citizenship issues and disability.
Advice on how to use Media in class
Includes examples of the annual schools Creativity In Digital Media Awards
Free teaching resources, including packs to download and CD-ROMs about how to use current films within the curriculum.
Watch programs online about media analysis and production in class
Submit your films and watch others
Lesson plans for making a music video
Make your own mobile phone ringtone!


Download Video and Music

Archive Live: Free downloadable archive video footage
Free downloadable archive video footage
Free video footage
Free video footage
Free downloadable music, categorised by style, instrument or feeling
Teaching resources, video and sound clips about WWII from the British Red Cross and St. Johns Ambulance
Apollo Archive: Free audio and video clips from the Apollo space missions
Download real video clips from space missions


Other Resources

'101 Uses for a Camera Phone'

Teaching Citizenship in the 5-14 Curriculum using
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Is there a PC equivalent to Garageband?
Radio 1 try and answer the question

60 Second Shakespeare
A competition to make a 60 second Shakespeare film



Alan Bennett from Apple Education UK: Education will be televised - the DV revolution in schools


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